Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

my first type 34

a 68 automatik
found in decembre 2008 in a cellar of a company
stored since 1976
2 owners

i stripped that car
many or most of the parts are now assambled into other type 34
which are driving on the strees actually :-)

it was amazing to see that the car was on the roads for just 8,5 years
until it was stored ... cause of its worn condition !

many parts of this car are now assembled in other type 34 s all over the world !!!
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Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012

Montag, 8. Oktober 2012


!!!! SOLD !!!!!


Contact :

karmann ghia type 34
a cool driver 
It is 100 % rustfree !!!!!

New floor pan, completely refurbished !!!!!!!!!
New front axe
New rear axeew Brakes
new Steering colume

Engine part refurbished
Carburators refurbiushed
Converted to 12 Volt
new  used headlights
new used fog lights
New used turn light signals
New parking lights
One new used rear light
New wipers
12 Volt wiper engine
New rims !*

( optional black Pedrinis or stock ! )
New wheels 165 / 80 !
New carpet
new headliner
New door and window rubbers

New interior, completely refurbished
Sunshade for rear window Razorlux ( limited ! )

German TÜV and H badge !!!!

( * This is  the value stated in theexpert report.)